Bagaimana cara mencari Telepon Android yang Hilang dengan Mudah Tanpa Aplikasi

Pernahkah kamu kehilangan Smartphone? Entah itu dicuri atau hanya sekadar lupa menaruh. Kalau Jaka sendiri sih lebih sering lupa dan juga sering diisengi teman yang suka menyembunyikan smartphone. Untuk mencegah smartphone kamu hilang karena dicuri, kamu bisa baca artikel Cara Mencegah Pencurian Smartphone. Sementara untuk kamu yang lagi kehilangan smartphone Android, dan bingung gimana cara mencarinya. Jaka punya tips untuk kalian guna cara melacak smartphone Android yang hilang.

Seperti yang kamu ketahui, smartphone Android didukung penuh oleh Google. Karena itu, mari kita coba lacak smartphone Android yang hilang tersebut menggunakan layanan milik Google. Selain menghargai Google, cara ini tentunya lebih akurat dibandingkan menggunakan aplikasi pihak ketiga yang lain. Nah, layanan dari Google yang dimaksud adalah menggunakan Android Device Manager.

Cara Menemukan Android yang Hilang Menggunakan Komputer

Jika kamu hanya punya smartphone, jangan khawatir. Pasalnya Android Device Manager bisa juga diakses lewat komputer. Cara menemukan smartphone Android yang hilang tanpa aplikasi bisa kamu coba dengan cara berikut:

Buka website lewat browser. Silakan login dengan akun Gmail yang kamu gunakan pada smartphone Android kamu.


Saat muncul Alert, klik Accept. Selamat, kamu berhasil masuk Android Device Manager.

Untuk melacak smartphone Android yang hilang, kamu klik Icon GPS yang ada di pojok kanan pop-up. Jika ternyata GPS di smartphone kamu tidak aktif, kamu tidak akan bisa mendapatkan lokasi. Namun, kamu masih bisa me-reset-nya dengan menekan tombol Erase. Dengan begini smartphone kamu akan masuk ke pengaturan pabrik dan akan menyetel GPS untuk menyala. Jadi, Android kamu dapat kembali ditemukan.


Demi mencegah kejadian yang tidak diinginkan, kamu dapat mengunci Android dengan Password menggunakan fitur "Lock". Jika curiga smartphone kamu disembunyikan atau lupa menyimpannya. Tapi jika smartphone Android dalam keadaan silent, kamu bisa menggunakan fitur "Ring", dengan begitu Android akan mengeluarkan suara penuh.

Perlu diingat, cara melacak smartphone android yang hilang ini hanya bisa kamu gunakan jika Android kamu dalam keadaan aktif. Meski belum ditemukan cara yang tepat, tapi bukan tidak mungkin jika melacak smartphone hilang dalam keadaan mati pun bisa dilakukan.

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5 ways to compare car insurance companies

Comparing car insurance companies is easy, once you know what to look for. The cutest mascot shouldn't be the deciding factor. Car insurance companies evaluate and appeal to different drivers. For instance, some companies specialize in families, others in older drivers and some in drivers with tarnished driving records. So comparing car insurance companies is just as important as comparing car insurance quotes.

Insurance is Important !

By doing your homework, you can save hundreds of dollars by comparing car insurance companies and rates. And that's easy with's quote comparison tool. Our online quote comparison tool let's you see side-by-side car insurance rates: By completing one form, you will remove the hassle of filling out multiple forms from various carriers. You will get online car insurance quotes directly from top carriers in our network. You will see multiple quotes from major insurance companies all on one page that will allow you to compare rates and make an educated choice.

Here are five ways to compare car insurance companies and find your best match.

1. Research the car insurance company’s consumer track record.

To narrow down your search among car insurance companies, Hunter recommends starting with your state insurance commission's website (State car insurance information). "Most states have a buyer's guide for auto insurance that lists the companies that sell insurance in your state," says J. Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America in Washington, D.C.
For an overall rating of company performance, including complaint ratios and financial ratings (A.M. Best),'s "Best insurance companies" will give you a great summary of top companies. Hunter says state complaint ratios are more important than financial ratings for car insurance. Every state has an insurance guaranty fund that will pay some claims if the insurance company goes bust. It's still prudent, though, to check up on the insurer's financial health. "However, if you're only shopping every few years, then you should look at the A.M. Best ratings just to make sure the insurance company is financially solvent and can pay you if you need to make a claim," he says. "The two most important things to look at when choosing an auto insurance company are the price and the claims service," says Hunter. "Choose the company that has both a low level of customer complaints and low prices."

2. Compare complaint ratios.

Hunter suggests choosing five to seven companies and checking their complaint records on the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) website or on your state’s insurance department website. "You can quickly knock out the companies with the highest number of complaints, because you never want to work with an insurance company that doesn't offer good customer service," says Hunter. To access this information, go to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Consumer Information Source. The site shows reports of insurer’s national complaint statistics. Enter the company name and type of insurance in the search box and you'll see a list of reports.
You can find complaint ratio reports that show the ratio of the company's U.S. market share of closed complaints compared to the company's market share of premiums. Using this formula prevents larger insurance companies from being unfairly graded for having more complaints simply due to customer size. Compare the company's complaint ratio number with the national median provided. You can also review the complaint trend report to see whether the company's complaints have been increasing or decreasing over time. As of late June, auto insurance complaints accounted for 29 percent of those investigated by state insurance departments, ranking second behind accident and health with 47 percent, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Claims-handling delays topped the complaint list, (16%) followed by denial of claims (14%) and unsatisfactory settlement offers (11%). Claim-handling/prompt payment ranked fourth, with 6 percent. When comparing car insurance companies, check to be sure ones you’re considering do not have lots of complaints in these areas. Hunter also recommends checking the most recent Consumer Reports survey of car insurance providers.

3. Compare the exact same coverage when comparing car insurance companies.

The best way to save on your car insurance is to buy only what you need, says Hunter. Use's calculator to get a recommendation of how much car insurance to buy.'s car insurance coverage calculator > "If you have good health insurance you don't need to pay extra for PIP (Personal Injury Protection), and if you have an older car, you don't always need to pay for collision insurance." Hunter says most people only need liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence. He says you should establish your desired coverage limits before shopping and then be sure to use those same limits for every car insurance quote.

4. Check for car insurance discounts.

Before you begin comparing car insurance quotes, make sure you know about your potential car insurance discounts for things like bundling home and auto insurance with the same company, good grades, a good driving record, anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes. Ask each insurance company for any other possible discounts so that you are comparing the lowest possible rates. You can also raise your car insurance deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage to reduce your premiums. If you do this, make sure you are using the same deductible with each company so that your rate comparison is accurate

5. Compare optional auto insurance coverage.

Many insurance companies offer optional coverage for things like rental car coverage while your car is being repaired, towing and labor coverage or even CD/DVD replacement costs if these items are stolen from your car. "Don't take any optional insurance coverage unless you really think you need it," says Hunter. However, if one company offers optional coverage that you want at the same price or close to the price of another company's insurance policy without the optional extras, it may be worth choosing the policy with the options, says Hunter. Related article: How to compare car insurance quotes - gives additional details and tips when you're shopping for car insurance. Find car insurance quotes with our quote comparison tool >